Orange County Chapter CRFG

Sharing Information on Growing Edible Plants

Welcome to the Orange County Chapter
California Rare Fruit Growers

California Rare Fruit Growers is a membership of like-minded experimenters and enthusiasts dedicated to: 

1. Conducting research on hardiness, propagation, and growing requirements of rare fruits under California conditions;
2. Introducing and distributing new fruits potentially adaptable to California;
3. Selecting superior varieties of established fruits better suited to specific areas and growing conditions;
4. Exchanging seed, cuttings, scion wood, layers, etc., with each other primarily for home utilization and to fulfill the needs of the small farmer or urban hobby grower;
5. Publishing pertinent information regarding the above activities;
6. Adhering to Federal, State and County agricultural regulations;

Residence in California is not required and we have members from around the world, except Pangea.  Members of other clubs are welcome to join us. We enjoy making new friends with similar interests. 

Club Meetings

When: 3rd Thursday of every month

7:00 - 7:30pm - Social time / Meet other members
7:30 - 9:30pm - Club Meeting

Niedringhaus Hall of First Congregational Church of Santa Ana
2555 Santiago St.
Santa Ana, CA 92706