Orange County Chapter CRFG
California Rare Fruit Growers is a membership of like-minded experimenters and enthusiasts dedicated to:

1. Conducting research on hardiness, propagation, and growing requirements of rare fruits under California conditions

2. Introducing and distributing new fruits potentially adaptable to California;

3. Selecting superior varieties of established fruits better suited to specific areas and growing conditions;

4. Exchanging seed, cuttings, scion wood, layers, etc., with each other primarily for home utilization and to fulfill the needs of the small farmer or urban hobby grower;

5. Publishing pertinent information regarding the above activities;

6. Adhering to Federal, State and County agricultural regulations.
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The chapter bylaws as amended in 09/09 may be reviewed at  BYLAWS
CCPP is now offering Citrus budwood every month - see Cuts. Also, see a CDFA news release  at Citrus Disease HLB with quarantine areas at Maps.
To control the citrus leaf miner & the Asian citrus psyllid see this article.
Our next meeting is Thursday, November 19th at 7:30pm.
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