Orange County Chapter CRFG
Below is the Plants we have for sale please contact Frank or Laura K to coordinate pickupĀ 
Chestnut, Malabar
Fig, Desert King
the surinam cherrys?
Fig, Flanders

Macadamia Nut (some winter burn)
Pomegranate, Ambrosia
Pomegranate, Desertnyi
Pomegranate, Parfianka
Pomegranate, Rosamia
Pomegranate, Wonderful
Grapes, Table, Suffolk Red
Grapes,Table, Portugese
Grapes,Table Some Red Flame, some Thompson seedless

Ice Cream Bean tree


Grape,Wine, Russian
Grapes, Wine, Cabernet
Grapes, Wine, Chardonnay (profuse blooms)
Grapes, Wine, Merlot
Grapes, Wine, Syrah
Grapes, Wine,Dunstan's Dream
Grapes,Table, NY47616
Macadamia Nut (some winter burn)
Papaya, Mexican (1'-2')
Tsao JuJube (1 l/2')