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Setting up the tables in the Milleniuim Barn to receive scion contributions.The exchange was a whirlwind of activity.Sales of bareroot trees were brisk under the Silo Bldg patio cover.Bareroot sales continued at both ends of the patio.
The Great Scion Wood Exchange of January 2012
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A tour of Rainbow Environmental Services in July 2012
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Everyone enjoys a delicious meal in the Silo Bldg.Another view of the large crowd that filled the room.
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On 12/15/11, the chapter held its annual Fabulous Holiday Party with a Potluck at the OC Fairgrounds.
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Our Rick helps with the first apple press at the CRFG reception before the FOF. All the juice was drunk before it could ferment.Touring the orchard of Phil Pieri during the FOF reception hosted by Phil & the Redwood Empire Chapter.The Harvest display at the FOF & Heirloom Expositon held at the Santa Rosa Fairgrounds.One of the many displays at the FOF & Heirloom Expositon.Weighing the pumpkins during the contest at the Heirloom Expositon.
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The Festival Of Fruit in September 2012
The chapter spreads mulch under the fruit trees at the OC Fairgrounds (6/2015)
Robert Remington & his truck arrive at the Fairground's Centennial Farm with 10 yds of mulch which Lori Martin arranged to get from Aguinaga Green Inc.Our volunteers start digging into the mulch which will be spread under our planting of fruit trees next to the gazebo.The pile of mulch starts to shrink with lots of effort from our volunteers.The mulch is spread under the fruit trees and raked to an even depth.It looks like the effort is almost completed with just enough mulch for all the trees.
Members ready to start the tour in front of Rainbow's office building in Huntington Beach.We're getting an introduction to the facility from a Rainbow employee.We look at one of the many mountains of recyclables.Much of the green waste goes to make mulches and potting soils.One of the large signs at their facility.